Top Foods For Diabetics


The right choice of food for individuals suffering diabetes is very important. The type of food you eat can mean prolonged diabetic complications or healthy living with diabetes. Blood levels should be kept at the required levels, right weight maintained, cholesterol kept down and blood sugar level controlled. All the above are determined by the type of food one consumes.

Below are the good foods for diabetics


fzxcvgcvhbnjThe level of carbohydrates should be kept very low in you are suffering diabetes. Of all fruits, berries are known to contain the lowest level of carbohydrates. Small fruits contain around 15grams of carbohydrates while big sized fruits contain about 30 grams. Berries, on the other hand, carry only 8 grams carbohydrates. This makes it a good choice for diabetics.


Fish contain high levels of omega 3- fatty acids. The following types of fish are mostly the best, mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines and herring. Include fish in your diet at least twice in a week. They help your heart stay healthy, boosts concentration span and improves your moods.


Oats are a great source of soluble fiber. This type of fiber is very helpful in leveling blood sugar level and reducing cholesterol. Oats do not contain unnecessary sugars. To sweeten them, you can add hypocaloric sweeteners, cinnamon, berries.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains fats that are good for the heart. The fats reduce chances of heart attacks and control cholesterol level. If you are diabetic, you should always use this type of oils.


A few pieces of avocado in your salad and daily serving plays a very big role. They add monounsaturated fats in your body. These fats prevent the heart from associated diabetic diseases.


There comes a time when you are seriously craving a snack a handful of almonds will be good for you especially if you are diabetic. They will not interfere with blood sugar levels. They also contain low carbohydrate, protein levels. Have them in your car or handbag in case of a crave attack.


Lentils and beans contain low levels of glycemic. Their fiber and protein levels cannot lead to rising in blood sugar levels. Use legume to prepare a chili sin carne, include them in your salad or soup.

Dark chocolate

dxfcghvbxzcvFor a treat, dark chocolate is most suitable for diabetic people. Go for chocolates with more than 70% cocoa levels. This helps to keep your sugar and carbohydrate levels very low. Use dark chocolate for a delicious dessert without interfering with your diabetic controls