5 Ways On How To Prevent Snoring

Excess relaxation of mouth and throat muscles lead to snoring. When these muscles are overly relaxed, it becomes very difficult for smooth air flow hence the vibration of pallet tissue at the back of the mouth as on breaths in and out. Snoring is an embarrassing condition. It can also be a sign of a very serious medical condition called sleep apnea. Doctors say that the condition can result in stroke and high blood pressure.

How to prevent snoring

If you are overweight, consider cutting your weight

drfcgvhbxzcvbSome health problems are associated with being overweight. Snoring is one of them. If you are big, possibilities are that you have a narrow air way. This increase the possibility of vibration of the mouth and throat muscles when asleep. Watch your diet and do a lot of exercises to cut excess weight. It is also advisable to avoid taking heavy meals before going to sleep.

Do not take alcohol or other sedatives before going to sleep

Alcohol and other sedatives are very much related to the relaxation of throat and mouth muscles whole asleep. If you must take alcoholic drinks before bed, let it be one for ladies and at most two for men. Also, note that the last drink should be taken four hours before bed if you want to avoid snoring at night.

If you sleep flat on your back, it is time to change your sleeping position

People who lie on their backs are more prone to snoring. This position makes the flesh on the throat relax hence blocking air passage. If you always find yourself on your back, try stuffing a tennis ball at the back of your sleeping clothes, so that if feels uncomfortable forcing you to sleep on sides.

Avoid smoking

dsxcvbnxcvbnSmoking is a major contributor to respiratory problems. It leads to throat and nasal blockage hence snoring. Make the decision to stop smoking from today and you might have found the solution to the embarrassing snoring problem and other respiratory problems.

Treat throat and nose sicknesses

If by any chance you are suffering injuries on the nose or throat, it might be the reason you keep snoring at night. You might also have enlarged tonsils which block your air way. Make a date with nose and throat specialist and that might be the end of snoring. The steps above will be of great help to your snoring problem follow them and say goodbye to that embarrassing condition.